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"Your work has brought outstanding results to us."

-- New York Auto Dealers Association

"You certainly get us, and are able to capture the essence of our work."

-- The Buckley School

"Your expertise, professionalism and patience is truly top notch."

-- The Nielsen Company



We are a team of highly experienced, professional media experts who work together to create the most effective communications tools for our clients. We offer a clear perspective on your communication needs, helping clients to define what is most important.

Our first questions are always: What do you need to communicate and why? What is your audience and their level of understanding? What is the specific goal of the video project?

We create films or videos to accomplish your specific goals, using the latest HD digital technology, special effects, and video communication techniques. We can create video elements for new product announcements, awards presentations, convention displays, or corporate events. From directing events, coordinating complex presentations, writing, shooting, editing, and distribution in any digital or video format, our creativity and technological know-how will work for you. Our production will speak with your voice, to communicate your message knowledgeably and convincingly.

Brad Michaelson, Producer & Director

Brad has been an award-winning film and video writer, producer, and director for over 20 years and has been a First Assistant Director on numerous network TV series and Hollywood feature films. He brings this unique story-telling experience to corporate productions, enabling clients to tell their own stories with real impact.

Brad produced and directed two documentary films aired on the Discovery Network, “The Other Bridge”, and “Let It Begin Here”. His film and TV credits include “Arrested Development”, “Naked Gun 2 ½”, “Babylon 5”, “Columbo”, “Cheers”, and “Christy”. He also wrote, produced and directed the successful pilot for the PBS series “Do It Yourself”, with over 100 episodes produced. He has also directed and produced over 120 corporate video presentations.

Jayme Roy, Director of Photography

Jayme is an experienced cinematographer and lighting designer, whose work is seen regularly on TV networks news and magazine programs. Jayme has shot numerous national documentaries, reality, and corporate productions in all kinds of situations. He has a range of equipment, from 2K, HD, and Go-Pro, suited to just about any shooting situations or locations anywhere in the world.

Reed Brown, Editor

With over 20 years of editing and post-production experience, Reed edits high-impact corporate, marketing, educational, training and documentary programs in SD and HD. Reed has also edited reality television and dramatic programs, and is a creative, story-first collaborative editor. With his comprehensive knowledge of digital post-production workflows. Reed always strives to find ways to streamline the editing process, and make it a great experience for clients.

Rob Fredette, Editor

Rob is a highly-skilled editor, graphics designer, and producer who works on major corporate accounts. His multiple editing and graphics systems can create sophisticated video effects and graphics. Rob is a hands-on editor, working closely with clients whether they are in the edit suite or on a remote location. Rob is constantly looking for new techniques to give client messages maximum impact.